Dinner with Italian friends

Tonight we had some of our Italian friends over for dinner. I prepared a soup made from black salsify, Jerusalem artichokes, black truffles and chicken stock with a dash of cream.

For the first main course, continuing the truffle theme, we had Fillet of Beef Prince Albert – a piece  of fillet filled with foie gras entier and slices of black truffle, accompanied with roasted potatoes and home-made Madeira sauce.

"Sous Chef", Ale, fettles the tatties...

Next was Roman-style suckling veal sweetbreads with Marsala (Animelle al Marsala) served with a green salad of chives, endives, parsley, Spring onion and Roman lettuce (apparently this is not done on a bed of salad).

Finally, we had some pullapitko, created by Mrs Belardetti, with Neopolitan Espresso (Passalacqua Cremador)

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