My Greek Meatballs — Human Impact on Forest Fires

Vietnamese stuffed rolls with Nuoc Cham dipping sauce

Home economics task: vegetable, ground beef and tomato sauce

Pan-fried Salmon, roasted root veg & anchovy-beetroot-yohurt sauce

Stir-fry of veggies and chicken

Linguine al Tonno

Roasted chicken, veggies and 2 carbs: jasmine rice with saffron & roasted lemon potatoes

Celeriac "steaks" & Café de Paris Sauce — A New Family Favourite

Slowly cooked Hanger Steak — Yet another family dinner classic!

Oven-baked trout served with chimichurri and couscous-mirepoix

You wan-na la-sa-gna to-a-day? Ok. I roast-a turkey.

Pork roast covered with mushroom & bacon — served with roasties and saffron cream sauce

Celeriac-potato "dauphinoise" – Watch the video recipe

Courgette and Onion Pakoda — My take on my Indian friend's rei

Lunch today hot chili pepper pork sauce with home made bread

Black truffel & black salsify soup with pan fried scallops — Flank steak with red wine & "porty" mushroom sauce.

Slowly, slowly, my children can take over the whole kitchen.

Greece Debt Crisis — Maiale di Latte with Savoy Cabbage and Potato Bake