Black truffel & black salsify soup with pan fried scallops — Flank steak with red wine & "porty" mushroom sauce.

Tonight's entrée: black salsify soup with black truffles and pan fried scallops. Main course: Flank stakes with broccoli-potato bake, red wine sauce with tiny mushrooms (sautéed in white porto). Dessert ice cream, strawberries and chocolate.

Our family loves velvety black salsify soup, but we love it even more if I add in Italian black truffle and scallops.  For this soup you need black salsify roots (7-8 pcs), a small black truffle, scallops (12pcs), chicken stock (1l), cream (3dl), salt (QB = as much as necessary) and black pepper (QB). You can also add in pureed Jerusalem artichokes, if this is not earthy enough for you. 

Peel salsify under cold and runny water. Coat them with lemon juice once you have peeled and rinsed them. Lemon juice prevents salsify from oxidation (i.e. turning brown).  

Black salsify soup with black truffles and pan fried scallops

I fried one 700 g flank steak in pan with evoo & butter. Sprinkled over S&P, and put it in an oven for 90 degrees celscius for 10 or more minutes. I prepared also a red wine sauce with tiny button mushrooms, that I sautéed in white port wine for extra flavour. 

I bought the broccoli-potato thingies frozen from Lidl, and they were actually quite nice.