Pork Rendang — Indonesian dish with a Finnish twist

Pork roast covered with mushroom & bacon — served with roasties and saffron cream sauce

Easy peacy lemon squeezy dinner tonight — Blanched spinach & pork ribs

Our poodle is after my lunch!

Polpettone Ripieno Bardato

Truffle risotto, various grilled veggies, two kinds of roasts and oven snails — Friends over for long lunch

Greece Debt Crisis — Maiale di Latte with Savoy Cabbage and Potato Bake

Classic Czech Cuisine — Vepřové v mrkvi

Charcoal Maker's Spaghetti with Fiorets of Broccoli

Comfort food for ill bairns

Sausage making at home

Quiche with Chanterelle and Serrano ham