La Crema di Caffé

Due to a sudden writer's block, I am having a short break from writing a case study for Aalto University CEMS Multinational Management studies, and posting how to prepare a decent cup of espresso at home. I am also sharing a secret on how to prepare la crema di caffé.

Use the best Neapolitan coffee — S. Passalacqua — that you can buy from my favourite cook shop,
and a Bialetti Venus espresso pot, size 6.
For la crema del caffé you will need 3 teaspoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of dark muscovado sugar,
a milk whipper and a vessel for whipping the cream.
As soon as the first coffee drops start to appear, you need to pour approximately 2 tablespoons of
that coffee into the whipping vessel.  Apparently, the first drops contain a lot of
vegetable oils that create the lovely coffee cream with some sugar.
With milk whipper create the crema del caffé.
Put 3 teaspoons of crema del caffe into an espresso cup and pour over
some fresh espresso coffee. Drink immediately!

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