My Greek Meatballs — Human Impact on Forest Fires

7th grader's homework in home economics — Roasted Lamb with Root Veggies, and Portobello & Champion Mushroom Risotto

My improvised Stew dinner was just what the doctor ordered!

Peperoni Ripieni di Ricotta & Pesto — Pan fried Lamb & Colcannon

Nigella's Aromatic Lamb Shank Stew — ⚠ ULTIMATE BLOKE FOOD WARNING ⚠

Lentil soup with leftover lamb

This ain't no Stigler Diet: Fried Lamb Chops with Chanterelle-Asparagus-Courgette Risotto

Fail-safe Lamb Shawarma

Roasted lamb leg stuffed with reindeer liver pate served with j-artichoke and chickpea salad and fresh bread

Lamb saddle, new potatoes, asparagus & bagna cauda

Dinner with childhood friends and their hubbies

Hot lamb roast yesterday — Cold cuts today