Penne alla quasi-puttanesca

Nikki’s som tam recipe. It’s yummy!

Salmon saffron soup — The Matrix Resurrections movie night

Baked whitefish served with a cucumber and grape salad with toasted almonds & pine kernels

Janne's bouillabaisse recipe

Quick Bouillabaisse

Pan-fried Salmon, roasted root veg & anchovy-beetroot-yohurt sauce

Cena mare, monti e campagna — Terrible flavour combination

Linguine al Tonno

Fresh-water crayfish & smoked herring sandwiches

Oven-baked trout served with chimichurri and couscous-mirepoix

Salad lunch: grilled salmon, chickpeas, lettuce, olives capers, pickled onions, evoo & sp

Insalata mista with fried vendace and grilled mackerels – Spices, nuts and tea from Iran

Celeriac & Jerusalem artichoke soup and toast with smoke herrings — Velouté de céleri boule et topinambour

Dinner tonight: Persian jeweled rice and fish. Delish!

Asparagi con bagna cauda – Asparagus with bagna cauda