Pan-fried Salmon, roasted root veg & anchovy-beetroot-yohurt sauce

Cena mare, monti e campagna — Terrible flavour combination

Linguine al Tonno

Fresh-water crayfish & smoked herring sandwiches

Oven-baked trout served with chimichurri and couscous-mirepoix

Salad lunch: grilled salmon, chickpeas, lettuce, olives capers, pickled onions, evoo & sp

Insalata mista with fried vendace and grilled mackerels – Spices, nuts and tea from Iran

Dinner tonight: Persian jeweled rice and fish. Delish!

Breakfast soufflé with gravlax salmon

The gravlax salmon — The tastiest and the most aromatic gravlax our family has ever had

Cold Smoked Open Fire Flamed Salmon served with Baby Rucola salad and a dollop of smetana on Islanders Bread.

Anciova a Catanisa & Mussels with Cinnamon and Chili-spiked Soffritto

Quick salmon avocado green salad with toasted pine nuts

Scrumptious lunch — After Sensei Colin Smith's 7.Dan W.S.K.F. Karate Seminar

Blinis for lunch

Went to Makro today for 🐟 Gilt-head bream

A Modest, Yet Elegant Fish Bake — Anciova a Catanisa

Burns night leftovers

Planning is the key to a smooth holiday: make a food plan!