Simple Three Step Chicken Soup

Chicken Celery Salad with Naan Tandoor bread

Pan-fried chicken au Indienne

Roasted chicken, veggies and 2 carbs: jasmine rice with saffron & roasted lemon potatoes

You wan-na la-sa-gna to-a-day? Ok. I roast-a turkey.

Happyness is....

Greek Yogurt-Garlic-Spice marinated turkey kebabs

Stuffed Chicken Turkey Meat Loaf with Spinata Coat

Stuffed round courgettes baked in oven

Joojeh Kabob جوجه کباب | Grilled Saffron Chicken — A Recipe by Persian Mama

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms and tagliata of wild duck breast.

Slowly, slowly, my children can take over the whole kitchen.

Randang chicken with veggies

Boys prepared Paella Valenciana with snails and all. Watch recipe video!

Iranian Saffron — Lombardian "Risotto allo Zafferano"

Charlestown Chicken Celery Salad

Italian "Gremolated" Spring Chicken with a Middle-Eastern Twist