Stuffed round courgettes baked in oven

Blanch 6 round courgettes in boiling water for couple of minutes before cutting the top and emptying them.

Chop the extracted courgette pulp and fry it in evoo with 2 medium sized chopped onions and 200g button mushrooms until excess moisture has evaporated and onion translucent. 

In a bowl mix 400g of ground meat (can be fish, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.), 1 dl of breadcrumbs, 1 egg, 75 g parmigiana, chopped parsley, blackpepper and salt (QB = as much is enough). Now mix in also the fried mushrooms and courgette mix. 

Fill the courgettes, and place them on an oven tray with tomato sauce (680g), and place in the convection oven for about 45-60 minutes in +170°C, lower the heat if starts looking too brown on top. Baste frequently with tomato sauce to keep the courgette skin moist. I added into the tray also mushrooms, but you do not have to. 

Serve with the lovely baked tomato sauce. Enjoy!

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