Roasted chicken, veggies and 2 carbs: jasmine rice with saffron & roasted lemon potatoes

Tonight my family had as mains roasted #chicken and #veggies. I accidentally prepared two carbohydrates a) jasmine rice with saffron (I love jasmine and saffron, because they are so aromatic and fragrant), and b) roasted lemon potatoes. What was I thinking?! I should be on a diet 🙈

I also prepared home-made #pesto sauce, which I call #FourNutsPesto as I put in four different nuts: green #pistachios #walnuts blanched #almonds and #cashewnuts.

Could not find any pine nuts from the supermarket close by. According to Lidl's salesperson, there is not enough of demand for pine nuts in Finland, so they ramped it down.

For my Four (4) Nuts Pesto sauce, you will need fresh #basil (as much as necessary, maybe 60 g.), a few garlic gloves, a variety of nuts, pepper, generously extra virgin olive oil #oliomauro, plenty of grated #parmigianoreggiano and a food processor! You can add also salt, but I don't as I am on #lowsaltdiet, and besides the cheese is quite salty. Meanwhile here is my Three (3) Nuts Pesto sauce!

You can mix this pesto sauce with any pasta (e.g. bavette, spaghetti, trofie), or alternatively use it as a condiment for roasted chicken, veggies, etc. Tasty, so tasty! 😋