Hubby is our Sunday breakfast chef

After XC ski pasta

Part 2, Dinner with childhood friends...

Dinner with childhood friends and their hubbies

Fillet Tagliata on a bed of Asparagus Risotto – La Tagliata di Filetto sul Letto di Risotto agli Asparagi

My take on Sicilian, Spanish and Portuguese dinner

Salmon-Vegetable Soup

Hot lamb roast yesterday — Cold cuts today

Two curries and fried Atlantic herrings – Egg Kurma Chettinad & Potato-Spinace curry

Spaghetti with vegetable and meat Bolognese – Spaghetti al ragù di verdure e carne

Sunday lunch with children — Gnocchetti with Kale, Mushrooms and Parmigiano-Reggiano

Dinner with Italian friends