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This is a blog written by a hands-on, self-proclaimed gastronome to promote home cooking and to actively discover the world of eno-gastronomic delights. I often try new recipes and whilst doing so can develop my food preparing skills and gain more knowledge of different food cultures.
I am an omnivore using lots of vegetables, including kales and other leafy vegetables,  black salsify, root parsley, Jerusalem artichokes, broad beans, and buckwheat. I prefer high-quality local and organic produce. During the summer I can harvest my home garden. I buy food-stuff from my favourite cook shop, indoor market places and supermarkets. I use the best pasta, lavish with goose liver, throw thin slices of black truffle into otherwise plain soups, indulge my family with seafood and game  as well make the best use of underused animal parts. My kitchen never lacks of butter, garlic, shallots, herbs, variety of cheese, cream, stock and vegetable oils.
In addition to Finnish food, I also love Italian cuisine. Having lived in that boot-shaped peninsula for almost eight years (1997-2004), I had the change to familiarize myself with Sicilian, Piedmontese, Tuscan, Umbrian, Campanian, and Calabrian cuisine. Later when I was accompanying my British husband on an expatriate posting in Czechia (2012-2016), I had time to discover traditional Czech dishes. 
I’m also very keen on Lebanese, French, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Chinese, African, Indian, Austrian, Slovakian, Balkan, Russian, British, Japanese and Middle Eastern food culture, which I’ve discovered with my friends and business acquaintances or by travelling, reading gastronomy books, attending food associations, cooking courses and degustation events, trying out cook books, following food programs or simply by accessing the Web.  Learning begets hunger.

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