Part 2, Dinner with childhood friends...

Apparently my food fascism started at the age of 13. Of course I’d completely forgotten the incident, but my dear friends Tarja and Sari still remembered it vividly. We were having lunch in the school canteen and it turned out that I was not very pleased with the quality of the food. All of a sudden, I said,  "Girls, this is not food", and threw a meatball on the floor, and continued, "Girls, look!! It’s bouncing back!!!".

Geez, we had a splendid evening, so splendid that I forgot to take pictures of the FOOD.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures of the food preparation. I did however, manage to improvise two additional dishes, endive cheese appetizer and some roast potatoes.

Mental note: a cook can start enjoying wine only after all the dishes have been prepared and served.

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