Joojeh Kabob جوجه کباب | Grilled Saffron Chicken — A Recipe by Persian Mama

BBQ recipes. This is Persian saffron chicken (Joojeh Kabob), that I will grill tonight to see if it is any good. On Sunday, I will be cooking for 31 people by the lake.

PS: The Grilled Saffron Chicken was very delicious; a new family favourite!

There was something for everyone. 

Lamb kabob's were a success. 

Update: here below a video from the midnight sun BBQ (24.6.2018)

Midnight Sun lakeside bonfire was originally a pagan celebration, a tribute to Ukko The Thunder God. Since Ukko controlled the rain, you had to be really nice to him in order to get a good yield from farmer's fields, or find plenty of mushrooms and berries from the forests. 

I wonder how long we get to keep this ancient tradition before it gets banned due to CO2 emissions.