Sausage making at home

Tonight I prepared two different kinds of sausages: salsiccia Altavillese (Altavilla, Palermo, Sicily) and some plain ones.
You need pork neck and bacon, natural sausage skin, olive oil, white wine, ground black pepper, salt, crushed fennel seeds, thyme, chives, and a mincer and a sausage maker.

Chop the meat into smaller bits.
Mince the meat.
This is a mix for plain sausages with little chives, thyme, black pepper, salt, a splash of olive oil and white wine.
For the Salsiccia Altavillese mix you need minced meat, salt, black pepper, fennel (finocchietto) seeds, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil and white wine.
Insert carefully the natural pork skin into the feeder of the sausage maker. Tie a knot at the end of the skin.
Twist 3 turns. Alternate between clockwise or anti-clockwise twists.
It's quick and economical to make sausages. It took approximately two hours to make 3,5 kilos of sausages and it cost less than 20 euros.
Grill or fry them, and enjoy! Sausages freeze well.

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