Slowly cooked Hanger Steak — Yet another family dinner classic!

So tasty! This was delicious! Yet another family dinner classic!!!

I did not have any red, so used white instead. As I am slowly cooking the meat, there is no need to remove the tough central membrane, as it will melt away.... or at least I hope so.
Ok, I was just being lazy. 🦥 Cutting corners.
Oh well, let's see what happens. It's going to bake about 4 hours in 100 degree celsius oven. 😄

Ps: I had to slightly increase the temperature 🌡because the temperature of the meat was too low. Going at 150°C now. Checking and adjusting is important, do not trust the recipe blindly! 

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Adapted from "Cooking Slow: Recipes for Slowing Down and Cooking More," by Andrew Schloss (Chronicle, 2013: ref Washington Post ).