Turkish and Italian meze and kosher chicken soup

Our family friend visited us with his parents and children. I prepared a Turkish/Italian flavoured meze dishes and our guests brought along a big pot of kosher chicken soup. I hardly managed to take pictures of the food as it was instantly consumed.

I prepared traditional Turkish bean-onion salad which is normally served with boiled egg veggies and anchovies on top. To be in conformance with the Halakhic framework, I served the boiled eggs and marinated anchovies separately.

For this salad you will need beans of your choice, chopped red onions, pitted olives, flat leaf parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, boiled eggs, marinated anchovies and black pepper.  You won't be needing any extra salt as you will have to give the onions a salt treatment (plasmolysis) to take the "spirit" away from the onions. Plasmolysis treatment is easy: chop the onions, sprinkle over generously salt and mix well. After 15 minutes or so rinse well in a colander with running water and drain well.

I also prepared Turkish shepherd's salad, one with and one without feta cheese; due to food rules again. Anyway, for this salad, you will need chopped red onions, green and red peppers, fresh or dried chili pepper, flat-leaf parsley, ripe cherry tomatoes (remove seeds), extra virgin olive oil, sumac, crushed garlic and black pepper. 

Then I steamed some new carrots and peeled and chopped them. Mix carrots with some dry oregano, salt & pepper, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice/vinegar.

I fried in extra virgin olive oil and butter ordinary button mushrooms and conditioned them with black pepper, gomasio and chopped flat-leaf parsley.

I didn't have time to take a proper picture of the chicken soup as it was consumed so quickly....
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