Baking with boys

Today our boys (aged 4 & 5) stayed at home as they were still recovering from a viral infection. After so many  colouring books, board games and puzzles boys were getting bored. They wanted to do something fun. How about baking, I asked. I didn't have to ask twice...
We took gingerbread dough from the freezer and then we made a big Tyrannosaurus Rex and some small Moomin gingerbread cookies.

which were also decorated.

Then we did some bun-baking. As I have never been particularly interested in baking, I was happy to notice that boys were enjoying the dough-making. First we prepared a simple dough with some freshly crushed cardamom and a cup of raisins.
Cardamon crushing...

Mixing butter into dough
Risen dough

Then we divided the dough in two. One part was used for making a braided bun with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

With the remaining half we improvised a heart-shaped bun-strudel with a layer of butter, cinnamon, caster sugar, raisins and pine kernels.

Baking is fun with children.

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