Fried freshwater whitefish & smoked organic salmon with salad

Tonight, I suppose I was (excuse my French) knackered, after studying the roles and the methodologies of (management) consultants in depth. Thus, I decided to take it easy and get some freshwater whitefish, smoked organic Norwegian salmon and some greens for a refreshing salad. Boys love to help in the kitchen, especially if I give them "special assignments". This time the special assignment was to help me gut  small vendace and collect their precious roe... for their father.
Coregonus albula, known as the vendace or as the European cisco, which are not that dissimilar to sardine cisco
Over half of the vendace had roe, which is considered a delicacy and apparently has been granted a PDO status (at least in Sweden). My hubby likes to eat the roe with some bread and salt.

Gutted and boned vendace.
Washed and drained vendace, tossed in chickpea flour. To be fried in hot vegetable oil.

Squeeze just a little bit of organic lemon over the fried vendace and warmed smoked salmon.Serve with salad (a variety of lettuce with thin slices of carrots, cucumber, scallions and Florence fennel). If you like, drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil.
We had Italian grapes for dessert.

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