Bone marrow pudding with candied fruit, ladyfingers & custard

Today, me and the boys prepared a bone marrow pie with candied fruit. This pie is not that dissimilar to the pudding served in the Coronation Feast of James II (England)/VII (Scotland) at the Royal dinner banquet in Westminster Hall in 1685 (Thacker, John 1758.The Art of Cookery. Newcastle).

Prepare sweet pastry dough and refrigerate.
 Remove the marrow from the bones and soak the marrow in cold water for 2 hours to get rid of most of the blood. Remove from water and chop the bone marrow in small bits.

Now chop a variety of chopped candid fruits and arrange those and the bone marrow bits on the pastry.

Then cover with chopped ladyfingers (or any dried sponge cake) and drizzle over the top a tiny amount of orange flower water.

Finally prepare a basic custard with cream, sugar and eggs, and pour it over the ladyfingers. Place in preheated oven (220°C) for 5 minutes, then lower the temperature (180°C) and continue cooking for 25 minutes or until custard has set.


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