Moose meat minestrone

This is how you can make my soup du jour: moose meat minestrone.

Cut 500 g of moose roast into small bits, chop 1 big onion and halve 3 garlic gloves and fry those in a pan with  extra virgin olive oil, butter, and  2 twigs of rosemary. Season with salt and pepper.

Whilst you are browning the moose meat, chop 3 carrots, 5 potatoes and saute those in a different pot with some celery stalks, parsley, a bay leaf for 10 minutes and then cover with water and bring to boil.
Then add the fried moose meat and and rinse with a small amount of water the rest of the goodness into the soup pot. Let simmer until potatoes are still al dente.

Then add 220 g of Mutti's datterini tomatoes, 400 g of Borlotti beans, 100 g of shitake mushrooms and 100 g of gnocchetti or any other soup pasta.

I also tossed in some leftover roasted veggies from last night.
Season with salt and pepper and let the soup simmer for another 7–10 minutes. Let the soup cool down just a bit before serving.

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