Burns night leftovers

Yesterday, we celebrated Burns nicht, a Scottish excuse to resuscitate national poems whilst consuming haggis and single malt. As we didn't "import" haggis this year, I prepared  Vorschmack – a suggestion of my gourmand-friend Susan. She was right, the flavours were similar indeed. I served vorschmack with chopped up neeps, tatties, gherkins, sweet onions, pickled beets and Smetana.

Today, I used most of the leftovers for lunch and dinner... In fact, neeps tasted rather good with chopped sweet onion, tiny pitted olives (w/extra virgin olive oil), Herbes de Provence, steamed broccoli and cauliflower.
 Along with roasted leftover veggies, I also roasted an organic salmon and tomatoes. 
Burns supper might have looked like dog food, but the flavours were quite nice.
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