My reconstruction of Vitello Tonnato

Here's my version of Vitello Tonnato or Vitel toné (a Piedmontese cold appetizer), cooked veal served with sauce made with eggs, tuna, capers and anchovies.
Vitello tonnato a modo mio.

And here's is my friend's version of vitello tonnato (right, 4th from bottom up). The thin slices of vitello are normally put on a tray and on top you put the tonnato sauce and ad some decoration. Vitello tonnato is a great banquette food. 

A picture from a wedding banquette (2008) in Sibbo, Finland.

A picture of me and hubby in a church (2008) in Sibbo, Finland. My husband was wearing his complete Scottish outfit: kilt, sock, jacket, bags and all. Many guest wanted to take pictures with my husband. I should have commercialized the photo shoot. 😁

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