Greetings from Prague!

Warm greetings to all my readers from Prague where we have lived now for six weeks. We stayed during our first 10 days in the Aquapalace Hotel with fantastic waterpark. (According to our new local friend, our boys grew fins on their backs.) Then finally on 4th of July we and our furniture moved into our beautiful new home in Prague 2, a lovely residential district of Prague.

I can't tell you how happy it makes feel to be able to cook food for my family, again. All those weeks eating out in various restaurants made our tummies really sore. The restaurant food in Czech Republic can be delicious but also inedible. Clearly room for improvement exists in hygiene, quality and reliability. Even the poshest restaurants have managed to disappoint me. However, I will save you from the lurid stories and focus on the positive sides of Czech cuisine.

Keep checking my blog. Comments are welcome, too.

PS:   Our home building (Na ┼ávihance 1475/3 in Vinohrady, Prague 2) made it to New York Times as one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague:

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