The Czech Republic is a Land That the Vegetables Didn't Forget!

This morning, our Czech teacher — whom my oldest son calls "adorably beautiful" — took me and the bairns to the local farmers' market in Prague Vinohrady district. We remained absolutely stunned by the huge variety of fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, breads, dairy products, organic meat and poultry. Also, boys caught their eyes on freshly baked biscuits. We even bought a willow basket from a woman who was busy weaving them.

For me this experience changed the way I view the Czech and their cuisine. The Czech Republic is no  longer, and perhaps it never was "The land that vegetables forgot”! Based on what I saw today, the Czech must be eating pretty healthy food after all.

At home, the boys wanted to help me with washing the veggies.

They were also very keen on drawing pictures of veggies.
When the boys got tired of drawing, we decided to prepare soup je jour, which today consisted of 2 carrots, 4 root parsley, 1 kohlrabi, 1 celeriac, 5 potatoes, lots of fresh herbs (i.e. coriander, chives, parsley, basil, and lovage), 2 onions, and some red mangold stalks. (I will use the mangold leaves tomorrow in an another dish). I boiled yesterday's leftover chicken in approximately 2 litres of water to make a stock.

Into the soup pot went also 300 grammes of organic beef, which I seared in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.

The Czech Republic is an omnivore’s dream

From now on, we will buy most of our stable food from the local farmers markets! So, Albert, Tesco, Billa, Kaufman, Lidl and the rest of the supermarkets here in Prague, you can keep your assortment, thank you very much!

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