New Years Eve Dinner — Cotechino con Lenticchie

Tonight at midnight we are going to enjoy traditional Italian Cotechino con lenticchie.  I am cooking the cotechini 'al vapore' (i bought non precotti!!) so that the fat drips into the cooking water... in the other words, this is an experiment and against all the traditions...

Nothing says 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' like Italian haggis!, said my hubby when he saw these Italian charcuterie products. 

The lentils I am preparing the traditional way with finely grated onion and celery stalks, meat stock, extra virgin olive oil and butter.

This is really easy to prepare, so I won't bother with posting the recipe. (You can find it from GialloZafferano food blog)

Happy New Year to all!

And here is the final result.
I steamed the cotechino for 3 hours on medium heat, after which I took off the natural skin and pouched the cotechino for 2 minutes. Then I cut it in half and served it on a bed of lentil stew. Also, sprinkled over the top some spring oninon slices.

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