Tennis Cup cakes & Tennis biscuits — Our children's racquet sport themed birthday party

I just picked up 40 cool and delicious tennis cup cakes from Natalian Konditoria for our boys' birthday party! Many thanks pâtissier Natalia! 

This is only the second large birthday party we are organizing for our boys. The first was when our boys were 7 & 6 old (approx. 32 children + their parents & siblings), and now they will be 10 & 9 old (37 children confirmed). You can save a lot of money by organizing a joint birthday party for your children. For us this has been feasible as the brothers were born with age difference of 12 months, 9 days. So, we just invite all their class mates, not to exclude anyone from the fun!   

The first brothers' joint-birthday party one was a circus themed party held in downtown Prague.