China's best gift to the world of street food — Jiaozi

My former Chinese colleague taught me how to do these back in 1992, so I have been cooking them for 29 years, but that is no guarantee that they would be even semi-authentic. The Chinese chefs will probably have much fun in looking at these photos or the movie clip I uploaded here below. 😁

I normally boil jiaozi, but you can also steam and/or panfry them. I usually prepare a big batch and freeze some. When I feel like eating Chinese dumplings, I just take some from the freezer, and first steam (with small amount of water and a lid on) and then fry them in a pan in some oil. I suppose the Americans calls these potstickers or something. 

My Jiaozi recipe can be found:

The best #streetfood #homefood there is!

#餃子 🇨🇳

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