The Tale of One Fritter

For dinner today I decided to make two different kinds of fritters, one with courgette (zucchini), and another one with chickpea (gram) flour being the star. 🌟

The latter is enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon, and for the courgette fritters I prepared a dip with yoghurt, tahini & fresh herbs.

Every time I cook the Sicilian chickpea fritters (i.e. panelle, or like the French call them panisse) — I recall that the northern Mediterranean cuisine is not embedded only in local meat, fish, seafood and veggies, but also in the imports from the lands in the Southern coast of the Mediterranean. As an example, the origins of chickpea is in Muhammad's lands. Some say Syria, others think chickpeas originated from Turkey. Chickpeas is one of my favourite food crops. 



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