Pan-fried butcher's steak — It only takes little effort to trim the steaks!

Tonight I prepared roasted potatoes  with chillies, garlic, rosemary, origano and salt. 

I also trimmed butcher's steaks (easy peasy lemon squeezy) and pan-fried them with plenty of black pepper, rosemary, butter and salt

Also steamed some broccoli and made a little cherry tomatoes salad.

Check out the most awarded organic olive oil company in Italy (seasons 2020-2021). They deliver anywhere in EU. Their evoo is unfiltered, thus very healthy! 

EVOOO Olio Mauro website, and Facebook pages

Fresh extra virgin olive oil is naturally green as the oil is extracted from these cultivars: Dolce di Rossano, Roggianella and Carolea. 100 % Italian oil from San Demetrio Corone, Cosenza. 

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#debuyer Frying pans from Eiring Cook shop.  #atria Atria Lihakauppa