Cupboard of Culinary Clutter and/or the Cupboard of Doom

Twice a year we reorganise our under the stairs walk-in pantry, which is also known as the Cupboard of Culinary Clutter and the Cupboard of Doom. In the pantry we store culinary clutter (e.g. pressure cooker, rice cooker, electric mixers, baking stuff), cold bags, dry food, tins, juices, oils, etc. We also keep there tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis gear, plus art stuff (i.e. blanc canvases, acrylic paint and water colours) and other random stuff that we just happen to throw in. The pantry stays neat for about four months, so the critical need for tidying it up arises every six months or so.

Do you have a Cupboard of Doom in your household? Do you manage to keep it tidy? If, so how do you do it?