Home-made dukkah دُقَّة‎ from Kairo — Sukran giddan

Home made dukkah from Kairo.

Couple of days ago our family friend Peter sent me a message asking what spices I would like from Egypt. I replied duqqa, please! Some multinationals has started to sent their staff to important overseas assignments, and Peter is one of the lucky ones. I suppose covid-19 has become business as usual by now.  

I am chuffed to bits, because I am going to get some home-made dukkah دُقَّة‎ from Kairo, that was especially made for me and Peter's wife Anne! Yes, in that order! 😃 See the video here below. 

On Friday, Peter went over to his friend's house for dinner. Hamed's mother Ahlam prepared dukkah spice mix (from below ingredients) according to her family recipe. I am touched and honored. Ahlam has blessed hands ( —يداها مباركة). Sukran giddan (شـُكراً َ جـِدّاً َ)! 

Ahlam says that you can use dukkah in chicken soup, grilled fish, and you can use it any dish. "Any food, you can put it", said Ahlam's husband.  

Salt (milh)
Cumin seeds (kamun, kammoon)
Coriander seeds (kuzbara nashfa)
Roasted nuts and sesame (simsim) seeds, in the mix maybe also Thyme (zaetar) or Mint (naenae)
Cardamom (habbahaen) or Black cummin (alkamuwn al'aswad)

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