Packed lunch -- 13.86 km Sunday walk

Today I broke many personal records, thanks to my friend @paulakrunikka who invited me for an A to B picturesque lakeside walk (13+ kilometers!). We had home-made sandwiches and Paula brought the coffees.

Records broken post my #bilateralhipreplacement surgery were:







#bionichips #coxa

#bionicwoman #tekonivelsairaalacoxa #hipsurgery


Next time we are going to walk around the #laketuusula #tuusulanjärvi , which is about 26 km / 16 miles route.

Beautiful autumn scenery. We passed by many historical sights and had a coffee break with a lovely lake view. 

The Tuusula Lake route goes through a culturally and historically significant landscape and passes several artists’ homes such as Jean Sibelius’ Ainola and Halosenniemi, the home of the famous Finnish painter Pekka Halonen.

Lake Tuusula artistic community flourished during Finnish National Romanticism era in early 1900s. 

After the walk I was really hungry. I prepared bell pepper curry (Pakistani spice mix), cooked some black rice and broccoli delicious!

Lake Tuusula was the creative home for Juhani Aho #writer, JH Erkko #poet, #painters Pekka Halonen, Eero Järnefelt, Gösta Enckell and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt and #composer Jean Sibelius.