Pecel — Indonesian blanched veggies with aromatic dressing

Tonight we arrived home late, thus I quickly blanched French beans, carrots and mushrooms, and mixed them with cashew nuts, special Indonesian dressing (recipe below),  chopped baby cucumbers and radishes. It took only 15 minutes to rustle up this salad!

Silakan dinikmati makanannya

My Indonesian friend Endang gave me today an aromatic and very spicy peanut dressing-base: a block of concentrated spices called Karangsari Sambal Pecel Pedas. It is used for Pecel - Indonesian mixed boiled vegetables. The block contains Peanut, Palm Sugar, Chili, Salt, Garlic, Galingale, Citrus Leaves and Tamarind. It is packed with distinct flavours! You can really taste all the ingredients.

Endang told me that [Karangsari Sambal Pecel Pedas] is also a delicious dressing-base for other meals like Gado Gado - the famous Indonesian salad with fried tempeh, boiled eggs and mixed vegetables. I must try to make Gado Gado, soon! "You could also use it as a sauce to accompany grilled chicken kabobs", said Endang.
Karangsari Sambal Pecel Pedas

You have to dilute this thick and hardish paste with boiled water, and then add enough peanut butter to thicken the dressing. 

Cut approximately 1,5-2 cm³ piece off the block and mix it well with 1/3 dl of boiling water. Then add about 2-3 tsp of organic peanut butter, and mix. Once you have your vegetables prepared, mix them in a bowl with this tasty Indonesian dressing.

Happy home-cooking to all my readers!