Lemon Snack! What a little flavour bomb!


Yesterday, I spotted a new product at my local Lidl: Lemon Snack! I absolutely love lemons, always have, but now I love them possibly even more. Like the Op Ancona promises, "Lemon Snack is extremely versatile in the kitchen. It’s used to flavour and garnish first and second courses, desserts, fruit salads and cocktails." Yesterday, I chopped some into the bulgur salad and today I sliced some for the waffles. 

They are entirely edible, even the rind. 

Bulgur with chopped mini lemons (i.e. lemon snack), cherry tomatoes, red onion, parsley,  plenty of evoo, chilli flakes and sprinkle of salt and sumac. 

It looks like a small lemon, but in reality it is called limequat: it has an edible peel and a pulp with low acidity that favour its consumption as a snack. Result of the cross between Chinese mandarin (kumquat type) and lime, limequat is a new citrus fruit in which important producers in Southern Italy have begun to invest.