Roasted butternut squash with nepalese spice mix

Santosh Shah — a London-based chef, the winner of BBC One's MasterChef competition — shared his Nepalese six spice mix on his social media channels last year. Of course I had to test it, and I have used it for a few dishes. The spice mix was a perfect choice for the Roasted butternut squash with Nepalese flavours and for the Chicken baked in the Greek yoghurt. Both so tasty dishes that I have included them in to my Family Meal book, which I plan to publish in 2022.  

Santosh's passion is in promoting Nepalese cuisine, whereas my passion is in promoting home cooking and encourage people to actively discover the world of eno-gastronomic delights. I often try new recipes and whilst doing so can develop my food preparing skills and gain more knowledge of different food cultures. 

Thank you Santosh for being an inspirational chef!