Cooking to Save Your Life

I just received the most beautifully illustrated cookbook -- that is going to make my other cookbooks redundant -- from our Indian friends, who just returned to Finland from their summer holidays.

Written by Abhijit Banerjee and illustrated by Cheyenne Olivier "Cooking to Save Your Life" is a truly international cookbook full on interesting and easy recipes. I have already tried six that I found off the Internet, and now I have plenty more recipes to try out. 

(Nota Bene! You can't find this book in Europe, yet. It is sold in India, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh only).

Banderjee's foreword: 

"This book grew out of many years of trying to impress out friends with meals that look fancy and taste delicious  but come together easily. It is dedicated to all of you, in gratitude for your enduring indulgence and enthusiasm (even when it is stretched credibility)."

Feeling loved ❤️ by friends who return favours or should I say flavours. 😊

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