Laurence's Rhubarb Meringue Cake — Tarte à la Rhubarbe Meringuée

Teach your children how to cook as soon as they can hold a knife

Asparagi con bagna cauda – Asparagus with bagna cauda

After school Snack For Boys — Rucola & Air-Cured Reindeer

Black truffel & black salsify soup with pan fried scallops — Flank steak with red wine & "porty" mushroom sauce.

Breakfast soufflé with gravlax salmon

The gravlax salmon — The tastiest and the most aromatic gravlax our family has ever had

Decorated gingerbread cookies

Aloo palak — Indian spinach potato

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms and tagliata of wild duck breast.

Mussels! Cozze! Simpukoita! Yes!

Cold Smoked Open Fire Flamed Salmon served with Baby Rucola salad and a dollop of smetana on Islanders Bread.

Ukrainan borscht soup a modo mio!

Nigella's Aromatic Lamb Shank Stew — ⚠ ULTIMATE BLOKE FOOD WARNING ⚠

Spaghetti with bacon, spouts, tomatoes and julienne of zucchini, carrots & celeriac — Watch recipe video!

Simple but most loved dish in our family