Mushroom Risotto married with Risotto Milanese = Buonissimo — Saffron made the difference!

7th grader's homework in home economics — Roasted Lamb with Root Veggies, and Portobello & Champion Mushroom Risotto

My improvised Stew dinner was just what the doctor ordered!

Now this is a proper pancake! This is what it should look like, yeah! — Pancakes for breakfast

Pan-fried Liver, Asparagus, Enoki Mushrooms & Potatoes

Roasted chicken, veggies and 2 carbs: jasmine rice with saffron & roasted lemon potatoes

Celeriac "steaks" & Café de Paris Sauce — A New Family Favourite

Coquilles St Jacques — Scallops with mushrooms in white wine sauce #frenchchic

Another crazy dinner idea or a delicious dinner — Tropical dinner in a cold Nordic country

Slowly cooked Hanger Steak — Yet another family dinner classic!

Plant-based lunch — Bulgur stuffed gem lettuce leaves and blood orange wedges

Chestnuts! Marrone di Serino — Castagna di Serino, Ancora Srl

Cannelloni ripieni di carne al forno - Filled pasta tubes baked in the oven

Baked president brie with crudité, baguette and focaccia — Recovering from bilateral hip replacement operation

When life gives you... well, onions, ask your son to prepare oven baked onions

Pan-fried butcher's steak — It only takes little effort to trim the steaks!