Pork & sweet palermo pepper with spiced rice curry

Linguine al Tonno

Pan-fried chicken au Indienne

Soup du jour — Borscht soup

This reindeer stew was even more delicious than Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon!

A proper lasagna has always three pasta layers — Lasagna a tre strati

Fresh-water crayfish & smoked herring sandwiches

When you fancy Pizzoccheri della Valtellina, but can't find pizzoccheri pasta, use whole wheat pasta instead!

Finnish Summer Vegetable Soup — Kesäkeitto

You can't hurry caponata — Preparing caponata always takes time and a lot of elbow grease!

Haunted Hospital Halloween Party, Bake Sale & Pop Up Restaurant Day

Cupboard of Culinary Clutter and/or the Cupboard of Doom

Mushroom Risotto married with Risotto Milanese = Buonissimo — Saffron made the difference!

7th grader's homework in home economics — Roasted Lamb with Root Veggies, and Portobello & Champion Mushroom Risotto

My improvised Stew dinner was just what the doctor ordered!

Now this is a proper pancake! This is what it should look like, yeah! — Pancakes for breakfast